Telecentric Illuminations

Image: Evotron GmbH & Co. KG

The TC-23xINF telecentric illumination series by Evotron combines luminous intensity and precision with the intelligence of lumiSens technology in amber (624nm), blue (455nm), green (520nm) and white (6700K) light colors. Packaged in a thermally optimized IP67 aluminum housing, the illuminators emit telecentric light over a 23mm diameter area. With more than 20W of light output, even 1s short flashes are bright enough and allow the use of rather low-light cameras or telecentric lenses. Flash frequencies up to 500kHz can be achieved with evotron’s LED controller-illuminator combinations.


10MP CXP-12 Camera

10MP CXP-12 Camera

Mikrotron’s 10MP EoSens 10CCX12-FM CXP-12 camera with global shutter takes full advantage of the maximum performance of the Gsprint 4510 CMOS sensor, allowing color images to be captured at up to to 478fps.