41MP Sensor with Low Light and HDR Imaging

Gigajot QIS41 Camera
Gigajot QIS41 CameraBild: Gigajot Technology Inc.

With a low read noise, the GJ04122 sensor by Gigajot Technology is capable of photon counting and photon number resolving at room temperature. The 41MP sensor utilizes a 2.2µm pixel and has a read noise of only 0.35 electrons. The sensor has 30fps at full resolution and offers a single-exposure dynamic range of 95dB by utilizing Gigajot’s patented high dynamic range pixel. The QIS41 camera, built around the sensor, pairs well with standard 4/3-inch microscopy optics, bringing unparalleled resolution and low light performance to scientific and industrial imaging applications. The USB 3.0 camera can be pre-ordered now for Q4 2022 deliveries.

Gigajot Technology Inc.