Camera Configuration Online Tool

Image: Chromasens GmbH

To support customers in the critical task of selecting the optimal line scan camera and lens for their applications, Chromasens has launched an all-new Camera Configurator. When using the Camera Configurator, the customer begins by entering the spectrum of their application from a choice of RGB, RGB+Grey, Mono, SWIR, or RGB>CIELAB.

Next, a data interface is selected from Camera Link, 10GigE, CoaXPress, or 1GE/NBase-T (RJ45). The configurator will then present a list of available Chromsens cameras complete with in-depth knowledge and a visualization of the camera. From there, the customer is brought to a lens configurator page for the camera model they have specified. At any point in the process, the customer can choose to contact the Chromasens Support team for assistance.

Chromasens GmbH