Global Shutter Camera with 65MP CMOS Sensor

Image: Lucid Vision Labs Inc

Lucid Vision announces its new Atlas10 camera featuring the 65MP Gpixel GMAX3265 image sensor. The ATX650G Atlas10 is a high-performance camera that delivers image quality and speed for applications that require high bandwidth and low latency. The camera is designed for industrial, scientific, and medical imaging applications where high-resolution images with high-speed data transfer and global shutter functionality are critical. The Gpixel GMAX3265 CMOS image sensor offers 9.344×7.000 charge global shutter pixels with ultra-low read noise of 70dB dynamic range, and 1e-/p/s dark current at room temperature. Thanks to its light pipe technology, the sensor exhibits ashutter efficiency of 1/30,000 and large angular response.

Lucid Vision Labs Inc