Highspeed Camera with 1.3MP Resolution

Image: High Speed Vision GmbH

HS Vision’s Phantom Miro C211 highspeed camera ensures high flexibility in both space-constrained and harsh environments with its compact and rugged design. At 1.3MP resolution, the camera offers 1,800fps and in reduced resolution up to 67,000fps. Minimized signal-to-noise ratio and high dynamic range enable highest image quality.

The sensor, which can be positioned anywhere in the image field (Image-Based-Auto-Trigger), registers image changes in real time and controls the exact capture of image sequences. This function enables sporadically occurring events in research, on machines and plants to be captured specifically and precisely. The internal memory of 8GB (16GB optional) allows recording times of 2.2 (4.4) seconds. Transfer via Gbit Ethernet directly to PC or internal 240GB flash memory. The new version of the PCC control software included in the scope of delivery offers additional parameterizable video functions. A new zoom function allows easy and fast finding of interesting video sequences in start and end point, within very large image data sets.