Highspeed Camera with CXP-over-Fiber

The Phantom S991 camera by Vision Research employs CoaXPress-over-Fiber technology to deliver up to 9Gpx/sec (70Gbps). This throughput translates to over 900fps at a full 9MP resolution and over 52,000fps at lower resolutions, including 2,304×16. The sensor has 12-Bit imaging and provides both rolling and global shutters. With its 6.75µm pixel it has a higher light sensitivity, with a daylight ISO rating of 1,600 for monochrome and 400 for color in global shutter. Thanks to the CoaXPress-over-Fiber (CXPoF) interface the camera requires just two fiber cables, as opposed to the 16 copper cables required by its predecessor. The camera has an 8-Bit output option to provide higher frame rates in the larger resolutions and reduce data throughput.

Image: Vision Research Inc.
Vision Research Inc