Next Level sCMOS Camera

Image: Excelitas PCO GmbH

PCO’s pco.edge 10 bi LT has a quantum efficiency of up to 85% with a broad spectrum into the NIR thanks to its back-illuminated image sensor. The sensor features microlenses and deep trench isolation across the pixel height to suppress crosstalk, resulting in excellent MTF. In addition, the camera offers a large image circle by using a high-resolution 10.46MP image sensor with a square pixel size of 4.6um. Thermal stabilization and active cooling of the image sensor achieves ultra-low dark current and a readout noise of 1.3 (@120fps) electrons. In addition, the sensor technology enables a reduction of noise peaks and tails in the noise distribution histogram, making it comparable to the noise performance of CCD sensors. Together with a high full-well capacity, this results in a dynamic range of 15,385:1. The camera offers frame rates of up to 120fps over a CLHS fiber optic link.

Excelitas PCO GmbH