On-Camera 24Bit RAW to 8Bit RGB

Image: Lucid Vision Labs Inc

Lucid Vision´s AltaView is a specialized on-camera tone mapping engine that works in conjunction with the sensor and ISP to convert 24bit RAW image streams into 8bit RGB image streams. It takes full advantage of the HDR offered by specialized HDR sensors such as Sony’s IMX490 CMOS. By performing adaptive tone mapping directly on-camera, AltaView not only delivers low-latency 8bit images with exceptional detail and color, but also reduces development time by eliminating the need to create own tone mapping algorithm. One of the key advantages is the ability to maintain a single fixed exposure setting while its on-camera hardware accelerated adaptive tone mapping algorithm analyzes and combines the most relevant data from the native RAW sensor stream. AltaView is available on the new Triton HDR TDR054S camera.

Lucid Vision Labs Inc