PCI Express Camera Modules

Image: Matrix Vision GmbH

The mvBlueNAOS camera modules of Matrix Vision uses the direct way – PCI Express – for image transmission. This interface is a standard that is used in all PC systems as well as in embedded processor platforms. The mvBlueNAOS camera modules can therefore be utilized irrespective of platforms. GenICam-compatible software support ensures compatibility with existing image processing programs, thereby also guaranteeing platform independence on the software side. The first models with Sony Pregius and Pregius S sensors offer resolutions ranging from 1.6MP to 24.6MP and are available right now. The PCIe x4 interface allows transmission rates up to 1.6 GB/s and therefore has enough space for higher Bit depths, simultaneous image pre-processing and future sensors with higher frame rates. In many areas of image processing, especially with mobile devices and in edge computing, embedded vision modules are becoming increasingly more relevant as a component. In order to also offer a camera platform for complex applications, Matrix Vision equipped the new modules with PCI Express, the cross-platform high-performance interface.

Matrix Vision GmbH