5GigE Cameras with IP67

Image: Lucid Vision Labs Inc.

The Atlas IP67-rated cameras by Lucid Vision have a 5GigE PoE interface and feature a range of Sony Pregius global and rolling shutter CMOS image sensors. The first models available include the 7.1MP Sony IMX420 sensor (3208×2200 Pixel at 74.6fps) and the 20MP IMX183 sensor (5472×3648 Pixel at 17.8fps). They feature Active Sensor Alignment, a compact 60x60mm size, M12 Ethernet and M8 general purpose I/O-connectors for a robust connection and a temperature range of -20° to 55°C. The cameras feature C-mount lenses and are compatible with the standard IP67 lens tubes from the Triton cameras.