Compact Ring Lights

Image: iim AG measurement + engineering

The LR45 series ring lights by Lumimax iim are characterized by their compact design. With a free inner diameter of 45mm, an outer diameter of 100mm, an overall height of 25mm as well as a weight of 250g it is the most compact high power ring light of the LR series so far. The integrated controller technology allows either permanent, switched or strobe operation. Furthermore, the IP64 lighting has high-speed trigger inputs and the possibility of brightness control. The 24 built-in high power LEDs are available in the light colors red, white, blue, green or infrared. Furthermore, the pre-mounted transparent protective lens (ALK) can be replaced by a diffuse lens (ALD or ALHD), a polarized (POL) lens or a Fresnel lens (ALF) for small working distances of 100mm.

iim AG measurement + engineering