Hyperspectral Light Field Cameras from UV to NIR

Bild: Cubert GmbH

The 3D hyperspectral light field cameras Ultris 20 and 20 Plus have been upgraded to include a wavelength range of 350 to 1000nm enabling UV-VIS-NIR coverage. With a constant FWHM of 10nm across all channels, over 160 spectral bands compared to the previous 100 plus, and a native image resolution of 410×410 pixels (combined with the pan sensor on the Ultris X20 Plus model over 1800×1800 pixels is possible), the Ultris X20 camera takes hyperspectral imaging to new heights. Small and lightweight (under 350 grams), and with over 3200 lines per second – a speed equivalent to a push-broom camera – the camera remains perfectly suited to UAV mapping applications, amongst others.