Ultra High Speed Cameras thanks to BSI CMOS

Image: High Speed Vision GmbH

The TMX 7510/6410 camera series from Phantom (distributed in D/A/CH via High Speed Vision) features a back side illuminated (BSI back side illuminated) CMOS image sensor. This allows data transmission of 75Gpx/s for all frame rates and image resolutions. At the same time, a higher light sensitivity (Monochrome 40,000 ISO and Color 12,500 ISO) is achieved compared to conventional CMOS sensors. The new camera offers a frame rate of 76,000fps at an image resolution of 1,280×800 pixels. In reduced resolution in Fast Option Mode up to 1,750,000fps (minimum exposure time 95ns). The RAM memory of 128 to 512GB can be divided into up to 511 partitions (ring buffer).

High Speed Vision GmbH