3D Sensors for High-Precision Glass Inspection

Image: SmartRay GmbH

The Ecco 95.025G by SmartRay is a compact sensor for glass inspection. The company has developed its sensor technology around advanced reflection filtering algorithms to improve repeatability and accuracy. The sensor joins the Ecco 95.015G in the Ecco 95+ glass series; both sensors are designed specifically to measure flat glass and specular surfaces. Using an optimised lens and optics, together with the SmartX software optimisation tools, the sensors deliver a high-accuracy, high-resolution, high-speed scanning solution. The Ecco 95.025G provides a larger 28.5mm field of view (mid-field) to inspect bigger parts or to reduce the number of required scans. Its blue laser delivers a typical lateral resolution between 13 and 14.5µm, and a vertical resolution between 1.4 and 1.9µm, and can create a 3D profile with up to 1920 points.