CMOS with built-in eTOF Technology and Event Detection

Newsight Imaging announced the upcoming release of the NSI9000 one-chip (non-stacked) CMOS image sensor solution for depth imaging. The chip is equipped with 491.520 depth 5×5µm pixels (1024×480), global shutter (with up to 132fps on full resolution), and an estimated depth accuracy of less than 1% of the distance. The sensor is designed for an distance of 0 to 200m. The sensor is a result of five years of collaborative innovation by Newsight and its partners such as Fraunhofer and Tower-Jazz. The product offers unique features, e.g. the patented enhanced Time-Of-Flight (eTOF) technology, which enables maximal flexibility using multi-sets of configurations, in-pixel accumulation, and a depth calculating method that does not require heavy calculations and expensive MCU. Furthermore event driven imaging with a unique circuit attached to each pixel makes it possible to broadcast only lines with pixels that were changed from a previous frame. A built in fusion, allowing the sensor to extract a full resolution b/w image together with a depth image from the same frame data.

Image: Newsight Imaging Ltd
Newsight Imaging Ltd