Highspeed 3D Sensors and Smart Cameras

Image: Optomotive Mehatronika d.o.o.

Optomotive’s FPGA-based LOM highspeed 3D sensor series consists of user-programmable laser triangulation sensors and achieves inspection rates up to 10kHz. With in-camera peak detection and blue laser light, even images of shiny and other challenging surfaces deliver excellent results. ARM SoC technology is combined with an ams image sensor and a high-quality laser line projector. The second product family is Smilodon, an FPGA-based highspeed smart camera series equipped with a Xilinx Zynq FPGA. It incorporates ARM SoC technology combined with a Gpixel image sensor from 5 to 25MP and a 1 or 10GigE interface. The camera has a user-programmable open-reference design.