Plug&Play Embedded Camera Modules

Image: Arrow Central Europe GmbH

Arrow Electronics has launched a line of plug&play camera modules based onsemi sensors. Each mezzanine board, which conform to the 96Boards specification, is equipped with an onsemi AP1302 ISP. The SRT-VISION96-AR0430 mezzanine board features onsemi AR0430 sensor-based 4MP resolution, a 120fps RGB camera with 80° FoV and a focus range of 10cm to infinity. For applications requiring low power consumption and fast acquisition speeds, the SRT-VISION96-ARX3A0 board uses the ARX3A0 0.3MP with 360fps monochrome sensor. The product line is completed with the SRT-VISION96-AR1335, which features a 13MP, 60fps RGB camera and is specifically designed for digital still cameras, AI image processing and body cams.

Arrow Central Europe GmbH