604MP CoaXPress Area Scan Camera

Image: Hangzhou Hikrobot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The 604MP CoaXPress area scan camera MV-CH6040-10XM from Hikrobot adopts the Sony IMX 411 rolling shutter CMOS and a built-in pixel-by-pixel correction algorithm to provide images in high dynamic range and low noise. The full resolution is up to 28,416×21,280 pixel with 1.45fps. Exposure time is 15µs ~ 1s (604MP mode) and 16-bit ADC output is used for better details. A single 604MP camera can achieve magnification MR=4 (the number of camera pixels corresponding to a display RGB pixel on the tested screen). It meets the industry index MR=3 and realizes the inspection of 8k sreen by a single camera.

Hangzhou Hikrobot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.