GigE/CXP 2.0 Cameras with Subpixel Scaling

Image: JAI A/S

JAI’s Go-X camera series is expanding to include 24 global shutter models with CXP 2.0 or GigE Vision, offering resolutions from 5.1 to 24.5MP. Twelve additional cameras with 5GigE are planned for December. The compact cameras (29x29mm) have an optical format of 1.2″ (19.3mm image circle). The GigE-Vision models operate at 4fps for 24.5MP as well as 23fps for 5.1MP. In addition, the Xpress compression function is integrated into the monochrome GigE-Vision models for higher frame rates. All new models feature the Xscale subpixel scaling function. It supports scaling with floating point numbers to create virtual pixels that contain portions of different physical pixels. Xscale thus allows adaptation to pixel sizes, optical formats and resolutions to replace older or currently unavailable cameras.