Continuous Video-Based Verification Platform

GuacamoleID of Hummingbird AI ist the first Continuous Video-based Verification platform (CVIV), to make sure that there is always the right person behind any device. It is a cloud-independent app that grants access only to authorized users and blocks any device that detects anyone not authorized getting in the camera field of fiew. It protects users and devices from usual visual hacking threats such as shoulder surfing or prying eyes.

Image: Hummingbirds Al
Hummingbirds Al


10MP CXP-12 Camera

10MP CXP-12 Camera

Mikrotron’s 10MP EoSens 10CCX12-FM CXP-12 camera with global shutter takes full advantage of the maximum performance of the Gsprint 4510 CMOS sensor, allowing color images to be captured at up to to 478fps.