Twincat Analytics Integrates Vision Algorithms

Image: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

In order to expand the analysis options of Twincat Analytics Beckhoff has now also integrated the algorithms of the Twincat Vision library. This includes color image analysis, segmentation and contour analysis, and measurement of objects. With the integration into the Twincat Analytics workflow, these functions are now available in a non-real-time environment as a configuration solution, so that their use is possible even without programming in the IEC61131-3 languages. The vision algorithms can be conveniently placed in the Analytics interface using drag & drop and combined with other algorithms to form an analysis chain. A time-saving feature is the automatic PLC code generation, which can be used to convert the graphically configured image analysis chain into transparent PLC code based on the Twincat vision library. This can be optionally loaded directly into the machine controller or onto a remote device for continuous execution and monitoring.