Simplified Vision App Creation

Software release 2.6 for the IDS NXT AI vision system focuses on simplified app creation. With the help of the new application wizard in IDS NXT lighthouse, users configure a complete vision app under guidance, which they can then run directly on an IDS NXT camera. The block-based editor allows users to configure their own program flows with AI vision functions, such as object detection or classification, without any programming knowledge. Users create simple sequences in minutes with the visual code editor, without having to know the syntax of a specific programming language.

Image: IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH


10MP CXP-12 Camera

10MP CXP-12 Camera

Mikrotron’s 10MP EoSens 10CCX12-FM CXP-12 camera with global shutter takes full advantage of the maximum performance of the Gsprint 4510 CMOS sensor, allowing color images to be captured at up to to 478fps.