Expanded CMM Series

With a choice of six machine sizes (from 700x700x500 to 2400x1600x1000mm), Hexagon is expanding the Leitz PMM-C series of CMMs. Manufacturers first select a CMM size in one of two basic models: The Precision model is configured with a high-accuracy rigid measuring head and is for applications with tight form tolerances. The Flexibility model, as an option for medium and large machines, is designed for applications that require high sensor flexibility. The Accuracy+ option reduces the CMM’s volumetric measurement error to submicron precision and increases repeatability for the tightest build tolerances. This option includes an even more precise sweet spot measurement volume for medium and large machines, resulting in even higher accuracies when measuring smaller parts or features. The XT option allows medium and large CMMs to be used close to the production line without costly air conditioning space.

Image: Hexagon AB
Hexagon AB