Mobile Layer Measurement

Image: OptiSense GmbH & Co. KG

The PaintChecker mobile by Optisense for coating thickness measurement consists of two units: The controller with the evaluation electronics and the actual measuring device. The small dimensions of the smallest sensor of 130×25mm with a weight of just 50g enable measurements in places that were previously difficult to access. The models are mainly used for smooth coatings on metallic substrates. Due to their tiny measuring spot, the laser sensors are particularly suitable for coating thickness tests on filigree small parts, corners and edges. Due to the larger measuring spot, LED sensors are ideal for freehand measurements on rough surfaces. The PaintChecker mobile Gun-R model is particularly suitable for components made of plastic or rubber. The PaintChecker mobile Gun-B is optimized for non-contact inspection of freshly applied powder coatings before baking.

OptiSense GmbH & Co. KG