Process Control and Inline Metrology in One Cell

By bundling process control and inline metrology in one single cell, AICell Trace by Zeiss IMT opens up new possibilities for customers in the automotive sector when defining quality assurance strategies. The system provides high-precision digital quality information through point cloud-based feature detection in real time. The system contains a fixed floor markers with integrated LEDs that act as a temperature-independent reference in the coordinate system; tracking cameras capture both the exact position of the sensors in each measurement position, as well as their own position; and the Carbon Fiber Navigation Tool with integrated active LEDs forms a fixed unit with the 3D point cloud sensor, AIMax Cloud. By using this new optical tracking technology in combination with the AIMAx Cloud sensor, absolute inline measurement results can be achieved that were previously not possible on car body construction lines.

Image: Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH
Carl Zeiss MES Solutions GmbH