Com-Express Modules with New Intel Technology

Based on the latest Intel Core Mobile processors of the 12th and 13th generation, the TQ Group is expanding its range in the CPU power ranges 15, 28 and 45W with the COM-Express compact modules TQMx120 and TQMx130. The CPU modules are equipped with two SO-DIMM slots for fast DDR5 memory, 2.5GigE as well as highspeed interfaces such as USB 3.2 and PCIe Gen4. Triple-optimized graphics performance over previous versions combined with dedicated instruction sets for neural networks and vector operations boost AI performance, eliminating the need for external accelerator/graphics cards in many AI applications. Scaling ranges from low-cost entry-level solutions with Intel Core i3, to Intel Core i5, to Intel Core i7 processors with up to 14 cores / 20 threads, 96 graphics execution units and 24 MB cache.

Image: TQ-Systems GmbH
TQ-Systems GmbH