Compact IR Camera with Auto Hotspot Finder

Image: Optris GmbH

With the compact Xi 410 infrared camera by Optris, the integrated auto hotspot finder function reliably measures the temperature of moving objects without having to readjust the camera. If the network connection fails, the camera also does the job fully autonomously. In addition to a Fast Ethernet interface, a USB 2.0 interface is also available for configuration, as well as a direct 0/4 to 20mA analog output. Via an external process interface, up to nine freely definable measurement fields can be further processed as analog outputs or output as alarms via relays. In addition, the camera is equipped with a motorized focus that enables remote focusing via the free PIX Connect software. The resolution of the camera is 382×240 pixels at a frame rate of 25Hz. It is calibrated for temperature measurements in the range of -20 to 900°C.