Hyperspectral Imaging with 10GigE

Image: Cubert GmbH

The 10GigE version of Cubert’s Ultris 5 HFR (High Frame Rate) hyperspectral camera can capture and process up to 75+ cubes per second. With a resolution of 290×275 pixels and 51 channels in the 450 to 850nm range, this translates to over 300 million data points/sec and this with a 12bit depth. In tests, unprocessed hyperspectral cubes could be recorded and stored at 76fps on a desktop computer with a 10Gbit/s PCIe network card and about 60fps with a laptop and a 5Gbit/s USB-C network dongle. Live processing of the 290×275 individual spectra was performed at 33fps on the desktop computer and at just over 30fps on the laptop.