5MP Image Reader Detects Reading Distance

Image: Datalogic S.r.l.

Built on a multicore platform with hardware acceleration and HDR capability, the Matrix 320 image based reader by Datalogic delivers a large Field of View (FOV) to read multiple labels or codes in a single acquisition with a single reader. The reader has a C-Mount lenses, smart illuminators, and a 5MP sensor. A distance sensor with Time-of-Flight technology automatically detects reading distance to dynamically optimize the photometric settings. With three primary colors, 360-degree visual feedback, along with Datalogic’s Green Spot, its modular design offers users a variety of instant read confirmations, providing supervisors with a simple way to monitor operator performance. Its modular design offers endless customizations from an outstanding range of lenses, lighting, filters, and accessories. For example, the new illuminator model has 72 Ultra High-Power LEDs.

Datalogic S.r.l.