MEMS-based 3D Depth Camera Technology

Image: OQmented GmbH

OQmented’s ultra-compact 3D depth sensing camera provides a cost-effective solution for upgrading mobile or stationary cameras with complimentary RGB-D technology. Applying a biaxial MEMS laser scanner, it is designed around a patented structured light projector and delivers accurate high-resolution scans across an adjustable large FoV. Unlike conventional low-resolution IR dot projectors, the LiDAR camera projects dynamically changing IR patterns by applying the patented Lissajous laser scanning technology which is key to frame rates in the kilohertz range. Concentrating all laser energy of an eye-safe IR laser in a single spot that is dynamically scanned by the biaxial MEMS mirror is crucial for overcoming the typical depth range and resolution limitations of standard 3D LiDAR cameras with stationary IR dot projectors. The unique dynamic infrared pattern projector in OQmented’s 3D depth camera technology can convert smartphones with regular RGB cameras into smartphones with 3D LiDAR cameras.

OQmented GmbH