High Performance Area Lighting

The flexible high-performance LQHP series by iim joins Lumimax’s lighting portfolio in both area spotlights and area lighting. In addition to the LQHP80 series with 80x80mm illuminated area, the smaller LQHP40 and LQHP60 as well as the powerful LQXP variants are now available. Hidden inside is powerful controller technology for permanent, switched or strobe operation. The modular design makes it easy to convert the illuminators from homogeneous area lighting to powerful area spotlights. Thanks to the simple exchange of complete lens arrays instead of individual lenses, the beam angle can be quickly adjusted to the size and distance of the test object.

Die kompakten IP64 Gehäuse der LQHP Serien halten auch den Einflüssen anspruchsvoller Industrieumgebungen stand und sind in stark begrenzten Bauräumen einsetzbar.
Image: iim AG Measurement + Engineering