3D Vision with Integrated Collision Avoidance

Image: VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungs. GmbH

The VMT OSC 6D (Object Shape Capture) image processing system by VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH enables 3D position recognition of objects and assemblies for guiding manipulators or 6-axis robots. It no longer relies on optical features such as holes, corners and edges, but on 3D shape-based detection of objects and assemblies. As a result, the system can also detect components that do not have concise optical features. The system is scalable and can capture both very small and particularly large-volume components or assemblies. The system is set up and commissioned using only CAD data of the robot cell and the object.

VMT Vision Machine Technic Bildverarbeitungs. GmbH