Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor for AGV

Image: Toposens GmbH

Toposens has released a new Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor for 3D Collision Avoidance. The Echo One DK development kit uses echolocation to generate robust, real-time 3D echo location data to guide autonomous systems across a variety of applications. The performance of this 3D ultrasonic sensor is particularly robust in harsh environments (IP67 protection rating). The Echo One DK features 3D multi-object detection of complex and transparent objects in an operating range from 20cm up to 3m. It offers a Field-of-View of up to 180° in short range and up to 110° at 3m with a power consumption of 2.2W. The DK comes with a CAN and USB interface.

Toposens GmbH