Cameras With Sony CMOS Pregius S

Image: Ximea GmbH

Ximea has announced the addition of new camera models with Sony CMOS Pregius S sensors and USB3 and PCIe interface. The initial line up will start with camera models based on the IMX540, IMX541 and IMX542 and continue with other sensors. The cameras have a very small form factor measuring only 26x26x33mm and weighing 38 grams. Power requirements are 3 Watt which allows the cameras to be bus powered directly through the cable. Another factor is the availability of high speed versions for each of the sensor resolutions, namely the IMX530, IMX531, IMX532. The higher speed models do not only bring improvement in frame rate, but also interesting feature sets not available for standard sensors. Among the features is the Dual ADC of low and high gain modes, the fusion of which produces HDR image as a result. The processing of Dual ADC is done on the sensor side, plus Ximea added the off sensor FPGA merging that results in the linear response curve. The rest of the new features include the ultra-short interval between two shutters, exposure time monitoring and an improved on-sensor thermometer.