Close-Up Lenses

Image: Midwest Optical Systems

If you need to get closer to subjects but are restricted by your lenses MOD (Minimum Object Distance), Close-Up Lenses by Midwest Optical thread onto the lens and allow the camera to move closer to the subject while maintaining focus and achieving sharp magnification. Each set consists of +1, +2, and +4 close-up Lenses that can be stacked together for increased magnification power. The close-up lenses are available from stock and mounted in threaded, black anodized aluminum rings, sizes M25.5-M62.

Midwest Optical Systems


10MP CXP-12 Camera

10MP CXP-12 Camera

Mikrotron’s 10MP EoSens 10CCX12-FM CXP-12 camera with global shutter takes full advantage of the maximum performance of the Gsprint 4510 CMOS sensor, allowing color images to be captured at up to to 478fps.