Heavy-Duty Lenses from 8 to 35mm

Image: Fujifilm Europe GmbH

Fujifilm’s HF-XA-1F lens series is the heavy-duty variant of the HF-XA-5M series and is specifically designed for applications that require high shock and vibration resistance. The lenses are suitable for sensor sizes from 2/3″ to 1/1.2″ and image resolutions up to 5MP at 3.45µm pixel size. Thanks to the integrated Anti Shock & Vibration technology, the mechanical design does not incorporate any moving optical components. The user screws the lens into the camera mount and adjusts the focus by the screw-in depth. This allows the lens to be moved back and forth in relation to the image sensor without moving optical glass components within the lens. Three different aperture rings are included with each lens: F open, F4 and F8. The series consists of five models with focal lengths from 8 to 35mm.

FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH