3D Sensor Combines Pulse Ranging with MEMS

Durch die Bewegung des integrierten MEMS-Spiegels wird der Laserstrahl in zwei Achsen abgelenkt.
Image: Pepperl+Fuchs SE

The R3000 3D sensor by Pepperl+Fuchs is based on Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT). Based on over 250,000 emitted laser pulses/s, it can measure distances from a few centimeters to several hundred meters with millimeter precision. A MEMS mirror is integrated in the sensor. With the movement of the piezoelectrically driven element, the emitted laser beam is deflected in two axes by 40°x30°, whereby the sensor generates ultra-high resolution 3D point clouds with high detail accuracy using a particularly small light spot and gapless scanning. In addition, a superimposed intensity image is generated, which can visualize the scene and thus facilitate programming and operation.