COM-HPC Server Carrier Board

Image: Avnet Embedded GmbH

The COM-HPC Server Carrier Board MSC HS-MB-EV by Avnet Embedded allows access to the new COM-HPC server technology and supports initial lab evaluations, rapid prototyping and early application development. In addition, developers can use the board as a reference design to develop their own COM-HPC platform. It provides a COM-HPC server interface with a choice of I/O including high-speed PCIe, 25G / 10G Ethernet ports, USB and SATA routed to the module socket. The dimensions of the carrier are 305x244mm (ATX form factor). COM-HPC server modules of size D or E can be placed on the MSC HS-MB-EV. The scalable modules integrate the Intel Xeon D-1700 processor and are designed for applications that require a large number of PCIe lanes and Ethernet interfaces as well as space for large memory arrays and cooling solutions.

Avnet EMG GmbH