Testing Surface Cleanliness and Coatings

Die F-Scanner von Fraunhofer IPM prüfen die Oberflächenreinheit und Beschichtungen von Bauteilen mithilfe von Fluoreszenz-Messungen bildgebend in der Produktionslinie. An einem neuen Teststand können bis zu zwei Meter breite Bleche oder Bauteile unter produktionsähnlichen Bedingungen vollständig geprüft werden. Das Messergebnis lässt sich live auf dem Bildschirm ablesen.
Image: Fraunhofer-Institut IPM

The F-Scanner 1D fluorescence measurement system by Fraunhofer IPM completely tests the cleanliness and coating quality of surfaces – on the line or on the robot. The test stand is modeled on the typical measurement situation in sheet metal processing and manufacturing and makes it possible to test large sheets and components under production-like conditions. Here, sheets and components up to 2m wide are moved under the measuring system on a 4m-long conveyor belt and measured over their entire surface by the laser scanner. The scanner records the oil distribution at 400 lines per second from a height of 1.2m. Each measurement line has a resolution of 1000 pixels. Software evaluates the measurement data in real time so that it can be called up live on a screen.

Fraunhofer-Institut IPM


10MP CXP-12 Camera

10MP CXP-12 Camera

Mikrotron’s 10MP EoSens 10CCX12-FM CXP-12 camera with global shutter takes full advantage of the maximum performance of the Gsprint 4510 CMOS sensor, allowing color images to be captured at up to to 478fps.