Extremely Small Freely Programmable Line Scan Camera

Die Smartkamera Vision Sensor LM arbeitet mit einem Zeilensensor in Kombination mit einer ARM-basierten Kamera.
Image: Imago Technologies GmbH

The Vision Sensor LM by Imago Technologies combines line scan technology with the advantages of a freely programmable mini smart camera. The form factor of a matchbox (45x25x54mm) contains a complete line scan camera system. The quad-core ARM-based vision sensor is available as monochrome or color line scan sensor with resolutions of 1 or 2k and with S-mount or C-mount lenses. The classic variant runs under Linux, where other vision libraries (Halcon, OpenCV…) can be integrated. Alternatively, applications are developed using the Imago Tool ViewIT framework, which automatically handles all basic image processing functions such as image acquisition, I/O handling, etc.