ToF Camera for Automation

Image: K.A. Schmersal Holding

Schmersal introduces a 3D camera for automated, real-time acquisition of digital process data. The AM-T100 is a time-of-flight (ToF) camera that uses a Sony DepthSense sensor to produce millimeter-precise 3D depth images.

The frame rate of up to 60fps enables efficient use in industrial manufacturing processes as well as in logistics and robotics. In logistics and packaging technology, for example, the camera can be used for packaging support, carton filling, stacking, volume detection or labeling to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the processes. The camera can also look inside containers or large load carriers and detect their fill level. It is also possible to determine the volume of unit loads and monitor staging areas in production, assembly, warehousing and order picking from a bird’s eye view. Other tasks include the recording of dimensions and surface condition.