Corona Pandemic Hits Mechanical Engineering Increasingly Hard

Spüren Sie nennenswerte Beeinträchtigungen im Betriebsablauf in Folge der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus?
Do you feel any significant impairment in the operating process as a result of the spread of the coronavirus? – Image: VDMA, Blitzumfragen zum Coronavirus, März/April 2020

The situation in the mechanical engineering industry has worsened further due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic. At the end of March, 84% of the member companies surveyed by the VDMA were already reporting adverse effects, and this figure has since risen to 89%t (mid-April). In addition, the relative shift in problems has continued: towards demand-side disruptions, i.e. order losses or cancellations. More than 90% of mechanical engineering companies reported supply-side or demand-side disruptions from Europe. On the demand side there are also high failures from the USA (47%). In China, on the other hand, the situation appears to be stabilizing.