Hyperspectral SWIR Line Light

Image: ProPhotonix Ltd.

ProPhotonix announces the release of its Cobra HyperSpec SWIR line light. This tunable SWIR line light allows for high-resolution, reliable imaging. It is fully customizable and can be configured to a range of applications including textile recycling and quality control in the food industry. Precise control of the light via its userfriendly GUI allows system designers to easily fine tune the performance of their system. Discrete control of each wavelength allows users to select the optimum wavelength balancing and relative intensities specific to the application needs. For high-speed image acquisition, the platform’s strobe capability can be configured to pulse all four strobe lines either simultaneously or sequentially with a combined delay and response time of less than one micro second (1s). In addition, it offers field adjustable optics allowing users to select a lens position for its application. The platform is modular and available in any length up to 6m.