Halcon 22.11 with 3D Gripping Point Detection

Bild: MVTec Software GmbH

On November 22, MVTec releases the new Halcon Release 22.11. One highlight is the 3D Gripping Point Detection: This allows surfaces suitable for gripping with suction cups to be robustly detected on any object. In contrast to classic bin-picking applications, this eliminates the need to teach in object surfaces. With the new Memory Block data type, binary data can be stored, transferred and further processed with other applications. This means, for example, that all data available in Halcon can be encrypted, which significantly increases data security. Another feature is the Deep Learning Black Box. In the form of a heat map, the Guided GradCam provides more precise clues regarding the relevant image areas for the respective decision of the deep learning network. Also new is the support of HAILO AI acceleration hardware.

MVTec Software GmbH