3D Profile Sensor Capable of up to 45.000 Profiles/s

Image: Teledyne Imaging

Teledyne Dalsa is introducing the Z-Trak2, a new series of 3D profile sensors that achieve speeds of up to 45,000 profiles/s. The new sensors have a wider field of view, improved HDR capabilities, a 5GigE interface and 2,048 pixels per profile. The models are factory-calibrated, so they are ready to install with little effort. The Z-Trak2 V is available in four models with horizontal fields of view from 46 to 978mm and covers depths of field of 30, 100, 250 and 600mm. The faster Z-Trak2 S series includes two other variants between 9 and 27mm working distance and 4 and 15mm depth of field, respectively. Resolutions in the Z-direction range from 1 to 120µm, depending on the model.