AI-Enabled Video Analytics Platform

Image: ADLINK Technology GmbH

Adlink expands its portfolio of AI-enabled video analytics platforms. Based on the industrial version of Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Xavier module, the AVA-RAGX platform provides a compact, robust AI-enabled solution for railroad applications. With an 8-core Carmel CPU and a 512-core Volta GPU, the platform combines AI, machine learning, edge computing, and IoT technologies and complies with EN50155 specifications. Compact dimensions of 288x190x72mm make it suitable for space-constrained environments, and it offers four M12 Gigabit ports, wireless connectivity (5G/LTE & WLAN), and four digital inputs and four outputs with 24VDC-110VDC and 1.5kV isolation. Applications include station intrusion detection, station video surveillance, on-board passenger security, and rail hazard detection.