Basler Sales 2019 above Previous Year

Bild: Basler AG

The consolidated sales of Basler AG amounted to €162.0m in 2019 (previous year: €150.0m). Incoming orders of € 166.5m also exceeded the previous year’s figure of €154.0m. The pre-tax result fell to €16.9m (previous year: €24.5m), mainly due to planned strategic investments in the form of personnel expansion. The return before taxes thus totaled 10.4% (previous year: 16.3%). The free cash flow as the sum of cash flow from operating activities and cash flow from investments reached a value of €-9.7m (previous year: €1.3m). This was extraordinarily burdened by the acquisition of MVLZ Sanbao Xingye last year.

Basler AG