Four Times faster Machine Vision

Image: B&R Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Thanks to a quad-core processor and a just-in-time compiler, vision tasks with B&R Automation’s smart camera will be performed up to four times faster in the future. With the latest Steady version of MVTec’s Halcon library, the vision system now also has a just-in-time compiler (JIT). The program code to be executed is already created with the compiler when the application is loaded and not interpreted at runtime. As a result, the JIT compiler massively reduces the execution time for many functions. For measurement tasks, the time savings can be more than 75%. The JIT compiler is available with a simple software update. For multicore-capable vision algorithms, the advantages of the new quad-core processor also come into play. The higher computing power makes it possible, for example, to almost halve the clock times for matching applications.

B&R Industrie-Elektronik GmbH