Update makes 2D/3D Profile Sensors smart

Image: Wenglor Sensoric GmbH

In future the more than 80 models of 2D/3D profile sensors in the weCat3D series by wenglor can also be used as a smart version, i.e. without an external evaluation unit. Profile recording as well as evaluation takes place directly in the sensor housing. Thanks to the new uniVision 2.4 release, the web-based visualization of the results receives additional overlays in images and height profiles. With overlays such as boxes, cross-sectional areas, rectangles, polygons or images, results can be displayed directly in the image or profile. Additional texts such as code contents, intersection or angle information can be assigned to the overlays. In addition, high-resolution models with 12MP are now available alongside cameras with 1.6 or 5MP. For easier integration of all uniVision products into external control systems, there are also sample programs. Thus, there are examples for the TIA Portal from Siemens, for the Studio 5000 Logix Designer by Rockwell, for TwinCAT 3 by Beckhoff and for the Sysmac Studio by Omron respectively.