3D Scans and Photogrammetry for Large Objects

Bild: Polytec GmbH

The photogrammetry system by Smarttech3D (distributor D/A/CH Polytec) is designed for objects up to 20m in size. The system consists of a calibration plate, scales, target marks and the Smarttech3D Measure software. In addition, only a commercially available camera with flash function is required. After attaching the scales and targets, the object is photographed from different perspectives. The merging of the images by the software creates a 3D point map. Any number of 3D scans are aligned using this map and merged into a coordinate system. Both methods are designed according to the VDI/VDE2634 standard. The accuracy of the photogrammetric object map reaches 92m, that of the scan up to 10m.

Polytec GmbH